Waking, making, drawing, colouring, cutting, promoting, communicating, negotiating, packing, stamping, posting ,chasing and breathe!

Lots and lots of things to try, ink, pens, paints and pastels

Lots and lots of things to try, ink, pens, paints and pastels



Most movements or schools within contemporary art have a body of associated theory which for most artists constitutes the intellectual dimension of their practice. This theory can be created by artists themselves, or alternatively by those working closely with them. It is to be found in the artists manifestos, the avant-garde magazines or the interviews with artists….. Blah Blah Blah.…this is all too too much, too serious This was the start of my artist statement since I left my MA 7 years ago.

Dont get me wrong, I do take my making seriously.

Deep inside.

I make and make but for a long time I have not sat down and taken the time to regroup, recollect and process the work I have done, what causes a buzz when I am making and what I should stop and put aside and revisit at a later date. This month January 2017 I am going to do just that.

Focus. Clarify. Move Forward.

But for now this is what my current work is all about. My work begins and ends with marks on paper, on maps,on wrapping,on packaging, new, old, rescued, torn bits and pieces. The subject matter evolves from random thoughts, ideas, visual prompts, words spoken on radio, snippets of conversations overheard, comments on social media and visuals stumbled upon daily.

Originals & Prints are available for purchase directly through my Etsy store, if you don’t see what you are looking for, or would like to commission a piece please contact me directly mail[at]vanessamarsh.com.